Class Descriptions

is one of the most important and difficult forms of dance. Ballet class will begin with exercises at the barre to develop the muscles and technique to execute not only ballet, but also most other dance steps. Ballet classes are 45 minutes to 2 hours long depending on the age and ability of the dancer.


Dancers must be at least twelve years old, and have taken ballet technique classes for at least two years, and have teacher approval to begin Pointe. Pointe class is a 45 mintue class, which will also include a barre work out and center floor work.


is an art of rhythms, sounds and shading. All Tap classes are 45 minutes long.


class will begin with a short warm-up and stretch. Each class will learn different moves, turns, jumps and leaps. Most Jazz classes are 45 minutes long.

Hip Hop~

This fun style of dance uses today's music and moves, which are kept age appropriate. Each Hip Hop class will be 45 minutes long.


is basically the floor work of gymnastics. Dancers will incorporate basic moves into a routine set to music. At the end of each class the dancers will do push-ups, sit-ups and laps as well as other muscle strengthening work.


is a class where the time is split between two forms of dance. Although the dances are very different in style, the basics are very similar. Both require control, flexibility and ballet training. Classes are focused on telling a story through emotional execution. Modern is focused on creating pictures with the body. Many of the steps are done off the center of balance, which is very difficult to achieve. Dancers will develop creativity in their movements and find new ways to use their bodies for performing. Lyrical/Modern class is usually recommended for the intermediate/advanced dancers.

Combination/Combo classes in Ballet/Tap or in Jazz/Acrobatics~

are offered for dancers ages 3 - 5. Combo Classes are an hour each. Dancers will be taught the basics in Ballet and Tap or in Jazz and Acrobatics. They will learn the proper name and meaning of the basic steps all while having fun with music.